Executive Briefing : Deployment, Not just development

Deployment, Not Just Development: A Conversation with Ian Wilkes, Database Architect of Second Life
Ian Wilkes, Director of Operations, Linden Lab

Being a service provider you are at the whim of your users, especially for them as users create a new use case you weren’t expecting and you have to react quickly. Rolling out 1000 MySQL servers proves to be harder than you think and lot harder than a few (unsurprisingly!).

The ability to roll things out quickly and easily needs to be adopted more by OS developers, don’t forget that the need to roll out rapidly, change config on the fly globally is now a requirement as web2.0 takes off more and more then everyone is using a database, especially as it’s open source now.

Most of what happens in SL (second life) is handled by the proprietary software they wrote, some strange things can happen due to the way areas of SL live on separate servers, they didn’t expect the desire for data to be globally available throughout SL.

They run a little over 5 million user scripts in the system even if users aren’t online as the user scripts ‘live’ all the time doing the things they were created to do.

SL is a walled garden now as everything that goes in it stays in it, if they released the code would that be useful or would it be more useful to open up the data through an API – he thinks the API and open data route is the best way forward (and is backed by experience elswhere with these things)

Sheep Island in SL is where the developers who make stuff for you have an office, they have no real office, “is this the future” Tim asks, Ian hopes so and thinks we will see a blend of the two in the future and that it wont be too long until everyone has an avatar.

Mixed reality is the new buzzword where virtual world displays input from the real world (and sometimes vice versa)

Tim points out (quite rightly) that this has nothing to do with OS really and tries to explain how its relevant, but I don’t think it is and not sure the crowd do either….

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