Executive Briefing : Google’s Ajax web services Interface

Google’s Ajax Web Services Interface
Mark Lucovsky, Technical Director of Engineering, Google, Inc. 

The former architect of Microsoft Hailstorm, now the architect of Google’s AJAX search services, talks about the next generation of open services from Google, and how developing on the world’s largest platform is different….
Long tales of how developing when at Microsoft it took a year or more and was slow to the point of pain, endless installs and rebooting etc etc but once he moved to Google he was amazed at how quick things were done, nicely told but nothing new here for anyone that has followed anything of Google over the past years….

He enjoys being able to watch new builds going out in real time and get almost instant feedback , you can run as fast as you want, when you get bigger the rate of release slows to once or twice a week perhaps. Recounts a tale of working on a feature for exchange in 2004 missed the cut and therefore would have to wait for 2007 but it was then decided that it was too aggressive and was put back to 2013. At least Orange is quicker than that!


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