Executive Briefing : Operations as Advantage

Operations as Advantage: A Conversation with Brian Behlendorf, Co-founder of Apache and CTO of Collab.Net
Brian Behlendorf, CollabNet
How do you industrialise Apache process rather than the product, Brian always wanted to be into ‘software as a service’ – easily run out fixes etc

The refrain “we can’t release our infrastructural software” is one they see too, if Google wants to become a META ISP , i.e. the benevolent dictator/provider then they aren’t going to open source everything, of course !

Subversion was created because they didn’t want to set it up on the basis that you can always export data later but they wanted to build trust and get the backing of the userbase, encourage development of a developer community, promise no lock-in and they will come.

Wikipedia allows you to see the history of how data has changed which is cool, FreeDB arose out of the commercialisation of CDDB as many will know but that has shutdown now over a fallout, we need to agree what open means in the term ‘open data’

When you run as a software as a service meta isp you have to be prepared for the strange requests, like encypted file systems to stop someone getting into the data centre and stealing a disk, you have to satisfy corporate enterprise IT fetishes (I liked this term as reminded instantly of our own beloved IT function)

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