Executive Briefing : Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight: Who’s on the O’Reilly Open Source Radar?
Tim O’Reilly, Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Avi Bryant, Smallthought Systems Inc.
Kevin Cochrane, VP of Web Content Management, Alfresco
Adrian Holovaty, Editor of editorial innovations, Washingtonpost.com
Dave Rosenberg, Founder and CEO, Mulesource
Javier Soltero, CEO, Hyperic
Mark Spencer, President, Digium
Jeff Waugh, Canonical/Ubuntu
Scott Yara, President and Co-Founder, Greenplum


Big Data is the Big New problem – quick summary of the big companies and how much data they are collecting

How do you use this data you get from the customer to make your service better

Traditional db system haven’t been designed for internet scale , unlike the traditional enterprise ones
Where have all the good databases gone? Scalability just not there yet

OS community…. Finish the job!

Stats on Greenplum Mission: To enable companies to manage all of their data, and make it useful

Bizgres MPP – massively parallel PostgreSQL – 10x faster and cheaper than anything on the market

Make parallel kernel to move data closer to the storage

Some big customers, example given Frontier Airlines, doing it on Oracle that were taking 75 minutes and on Bizgres it took 2-3 seconds and at 20-30 times cheaper which lead to ROI savings of $4-8M per quarter

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO Sun “One of the smartest start-ups I’ve seen in a while”

We close with “data is the next Intel Inside” and he claims that (and I agree) that effective use of the masses of data being collected is the next big thing which is some of the thinking behind Personomii

Hyperic – Doug MacEachem, CTO

Powering IT operations – IT operations helps great ideas become successful , thriving applications and services – finding the ‘secret sauce’

IT system management software, want to stop every company having to build their own.

IT Ops is the last to get in to a product development, usual story here and one demonstrated endlessly in Orange over the past 10 years

Opening up traditionally closed IT support systems so that users can feedback into the product and leverage the IT operator knowledge that gets built by running a product can produce, clearly.

Boring drivel comes now as the speaker moves to a short product demo


Python web framework, another Ruby on Rails, makes you write good code, blah blah

They were working on a tiny newspaper and made ‘the coolest newspaper site on the planet’ – (his words) and he is proudly showing off the database of little league games.

This guy is showing off on how good they are and why they wanted to go open source, most proud because they wanted to kick Ruby on Rails.

Claims more Python developers than PHP and they got internationalisation for free.

Market Ellington is a framework built on Django and sold to those wishing ‘easy’ application development. Current users of Ruby convert to Django all the time he tells us.

Core technology is proprietary but the application is open source which allows people to contribute and create.

Why buy Ellington rather than just use Django? – because you get the data models and ….. support!


New company, weren’t going to show because too new, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

You can get rid of websphere with this as well as get your MQUEUE out the door

SOA is a key business intiative

Enterprises focused on intergrating not replacing

Large enterprises are rolling their own OSS stacks

We conclude with “Don’t bea dumb-ass – Use Mule”


The laptop is broken so no slides, he talks about how open source product Seaside bootstrapped them enough cash to create the commercial product DabbleDB which he in turn hopes will bootstrap an open eco system based on open source again

Techcrunch did a review not so long ago and he runs through a demo again, it’s a neat tool

Concept of a data multiplxer could work he thinks when asked but would need some thinking and work


First open source enterprise content management solution which will scale using industry standards and best of breed (MySQL, Spring, Hibernate)

5x faster than any existing systems

Allow ease of use to end users by providing a network drive exposed through windows explorer for example, drag n drop, enforcing retention rules. It’s the sort of thing that any large corporation should use but are currently not due to existing solutions and investments, this approach would work very well in Orange I think


The Open Source PBX – I reviewed this at the ETel conference earlier in the year and things have got a lot better and stronger since then for them, more installations, more usage and spreading adoption in USA and Europe.

They recently added Bluetooth support meaning that when you get home your phone is recognised and autoimatically routes calls through Astrerisk, kind of like Livebox I assume

Canonical (Ubuntu)

Linux for human beings – awesome out of the box experience for anyone

“I came for the quality and I stayed for the freedom”

DEBIAN – PYTHON – GNOME – EVERY SIX MONTHS (you sit on the bleeding edge)

Fierce Commerce, Fierce Freedom – the more people make money with free software the more people use it, hence they created Ubuntu Marketplace to grow the global intelligence by using the local relevance

Dapper Drake – shipped in June 6.06 LTS

Ubuntu will always be free

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