Executive Briefing : Summary

As an opening to the conference the briefing served well in understanding what the proposed themes were going to be (as opposed to the actual themes that may develop during the conference, not always the same of course)

I found that some of the sessions were a little strained in terms of being entirely relevant to the nature of the conference, and a product demo never goes down overly well, the idea is to get the inside info, the thoughts and strategy of the people there, not a demo of a product, that can be done at any time.

It became clear the Tim believes there are some things that need to be fixed with open source, not in so much as it’s broken but that it needs to adapt to a changing environment (web2.0) and evolving users, just as Orange/FT needs to

Open Data is a critical one to me and close to my heart with the work I have been doing and the work of other colleagues pushing the boundaries within OFT, having masses of data that is not being used for anything other than billing the customer is a terrible waste of opportunity, there are strong arguments about privacy that apply, there are also arguments about how many customers would want to use open data or even understand what it means of course.

In the room everyone understood what it means to have reciprocity of data between services and that the user should always have control of their data, and of course that currently they don’t have that, in the mass market vs geeks ratio that means 98% of people don’t know/care of course.

I found the discussion around what happens when the money comes into an open source company interesting as some of the more established one’s that have experienced this seemed a little uncomfortable about it, or maybe it was being on stage, not sure, but it’s clear that things change when the money is coming in, it seemed to become an argument that the idealistic nature is lost somehow, i guess it’s natural as the usual issues around managing and running a growing company start to conflict, there’s a session later specifically on this which I’ll try and get to.

Did I think it was worth the money… no actually as the cost was quite high $995 and for that sort of price I’d expect more than I got, if the price was (a lot) lower then I wouldn’t have been so bothered

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