Executive Briefing : Firefox as Platform

Firefox as a Platform: A Conversation with Mike Schroepfer, VP of Engineering for Mozilla
Mike Schroepfer, Vice President of Engineering, Mozilla

We start with some stats

  • >60 million active users worldwide
  • 14% worldwide market share
  • 36+ language localisations
  • 1000s of contributors
  • 1000 comments added to Bugzilla per day
  • 1600+ community-contributed extensions
  • ~50 Mozilla employees

Biggest markets USA, Europe and Australia

Rapid dev

  • Seamless online/offline migration (this fall) – at last !!
  • New events for browsers going offline/online
  • New DOM model

You don’t have to wait for maxilla… build an AddOn

  • Provides Functionality not possible in the web
  • Available market and built in distribution
  • Idea to implementation in weeks same technology as used on any website
  • Runs on all major browsers

We get a screenshot of a guy who installed ALL of the top 100 AddOns and we have to say what a mess

Tim joins him on stage for a chat..they mull over how Mozilla is a good example of open source and Mike explains that they are happy for people to build on the platform, use the code to build new apps etc

Does having big name corps involved in Mozilla exert undue pressure to get their way, the politically correct answer is that if a big corp comes up with a good contribution it will most likely go in and if it’s not it wont.

Tim asks if there are growing issues with people turning off JavaScript, the answer is that it’s pretty hard to do that now in current versions of major browsers
Are there any plans to leverage Firefox past what it is now, the answer is no current plans apparently.

We move to Q&A and the HP guy is up asking questions again, I think that’s one for every session so far.

Q: do you see users getting even better access to plugins etc

The answer is yes in short but no details specifically

Q: I tried to do some stuff to Thunderbird but got lost, any plans to make it more like Firefox, or to put it another way, do you see momentum gaining for Thunderbird AddOns?



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