OSCON 2006

Next conference up is O’Reillys OSCON 2006 held in Portland Oregon, I’m on route, currently holding in Minneapolis for 4 hours – lovely. My first time at this event so looking forward to it, tomorrow I’m going to the Executive briefing which promises:

As a new feature at OSCON 2006, Tim O’Reilly and Matt Asay are organizing a special executive briefing, giving a limited number of attendees an exclusive opportunity to meet with innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies that are currently on the O’Reilly Radar. It’s a backstage look at the up and coming companies that we believe will have the biggest impact on the world of open source in the year to come.

So expect first post to come from there assuming the usual free wifi is up and running.

On a side note I haven’t posted for some time now, mainly as I haven’t been to anything relevant but I have had several ideas for posts, sadly I’ve also had a big recurrence of RSI/CTS so have been trying to limit typing to the absolute minimum across the board, I usually suffer at conferences anyway trying to blog in real time in cramped conditions, this time it will either be very verbose or nothing at all during the event, at the very least will take hard copy notes and type them up slowly at home

Flickr already alive with photos here and here, official site here


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