The School of Rock

Nat pimps the prizes for filling out your OSCON passport by making sure you visit all the exhibitors.

School of Rock
Scott Yara, President and Co-Founder, Greenplum 
Scott was also in the executive briefing so not sure whether this will be different, so far it is, he explains how cool OSCON is and how its good to have fun, unlike enterprise conferences that rely on locations like Las Vegas to ‘attract the suits’ (CES anyone)
Open Source is like Rock Music

Started because people liked doing it and had fun creating something new without boundaries (licenses)

They share an ideal, but then money came and it changed everything (record labels, A&R etc)
It’s an artificial comparison but it does have merits and creates a few laughs along the way.

We get a clip from the film Singles designed to point out that not everyone will love your open source project but you may be ‘big in Belgium’

When you start an open source company do you want to be Nirvana (cool) or Hanson (uncool) – keep it real and don’t tarnish the image of open source
Recent trends , people looking through sourceforge trying to find active projects and then setting up a seperate company to sell support to users of the free product thereby taking advantage of the contributions made by others to the open source community (as opposed to selling your own support of course)
Would Google be the same if the same amount of queries happened but only made $60M revenue as opposed to the billions they have made?
Closing line “keep it real and keep it dangerous”


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