Trying To Suck Less – Making Web2.0 work

Trying to Suck Less: Making Web 2.0 Mean Something
Anil Dash, Vice President of Professional Products, Six Apart, Ltd. 
Anil starts with what a cool job he has, he gives numerous talks around the world about blogs

Connect with the people you care about – Hooray blogs

Cute Overload – website that encourages people to upload pictures of cats and dogs and then people discuss them, host cat pictures, make a little money!

Influencing mainstream media – NYT classic example of mainstream, Anil famouse for being covered in an article by them and wearing an ‘infamous’ Goatse t-shirt
Niche communities (helping furries get married) (helping anybody get conneted)

Get carried away with the domain name means something meme : www.hat.evr

Blogs and web2.0 don’t suck (mostly) but the things that do suck are:

  • Could be great but there is too much of everything
  • Build something nice and no one uses or you have to shut it down due to lack of funds
  • Doesn’t scale
  • No Profit! ( so you can scale)

It gets worse though…
Open data, feeds, APIs, source are there but they’re not really that open….

The requisite LAMP stack, people think its solved but its not, its just a platform to develop the application on, so what goes on top?, a long list of other stuff is required

He’s selling a free platform, open and free, they all work like crazy (his way of saying best in class)

  • Perlbal – light fast load balancer
  • Memcached – helps cache out requsts from db
  • mogileFS – a HA scalable system (OMG files!)
  • DjabberD – real time jabber messaging, powers LJ talk

Livejournal, Typepad, Vox which are all extracted from working applications which is why they work

Django and Ruby use the same components as above, the best parts of web2.0 applications are built on these, every one of the good ones is using at least one or all of these.

SixApart certainly have a number of solutions that are very popular and the point that they take care of the functions above the actual development makes sense, but there are a number of ways to do this now and I expect many more


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