Welcome and O’Reilly Radar

Nat Torkington opens with some words on the history of the conference, which is 10 years old this year.

O’Reilly Radar

This is the normal Tim opening speech about what O’Reilly is about and what they do, big ideas, gathering data to predict trends etc. In fact it’s a rehash of the session from yesterdays Executive briefing, 5 big ideas.

Systems get better the more people use them

  1. Architecture of participation in which people build the systems simply by pursuing their own interests
  2. open source license are obsolete
  3. Asymmetric competition – people competing using different rules/strengths (i.e. Google vs Microsoft)
  4. Operations As Advantage
  5. Open Data

applications rely on vast databases and not just on software source code

applications are updated daily, hourly, or even in real time

we need an open services definition

pattern emerging of proprietory systems generating an open source application or the other way round

virtualisation is a growing trend – growing demand for jobs showing in the trends
voip and asterisk

FF as a platform

Ubuntu getting a lot of buzz

O’Reilly Labs, improving search of O’Reilly content, code search gives access to 100Ks of code from their books, the live demo of code search fails as the usual network effect settles in and connectivity dissapears for most, including speakers which is odd as they normally get a better level of service (net neutrality anyone :-p)

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