5 A Day

5 A Day
Robert “r0ml” Lefkowitz

This is not a serious session as such as r0ml is famed for being the king of metaphor, he is an engaging speaker and has over thirty years experience in creatig data models and systems, he is now a lively conference circuit speaker.

Fakelore we start with and tales of poisonous tomatoes, the metaphor could be that people are worried about open source but then they realise that they are ok and then lots of people begin to order/buy it but then the tax man comes.

But maybe you argue its not a vegetable but a fruit – this leads to a long history of arguments and decisions, complex but engaging

Book First Fruit – the birth of biotech food written by Belinda Martineau explored the ultimate failure of biotech in creating a tomato that didn’t go bad

Does this lead to Food 2.0 ??

Jokes on final vowel preceding an r in naming FlavrSavr (as in Flickr, Zoomr et al)

XP is open source !?

How much open source do you need? Likening it to RDA for foods , 3, or 5, perhaps 9 if you’re a man!

Or is open source vs closed simply like veggies vs non veggies??


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