Developers: You’ve Got the Power – Now What?

Developers: You’ve Got the Power – Now What?
Stephen O’Grady 
in the beginning….

There was a CIO who didn’t get open source and controlled money and money was required by developers to get the tools..but then came open source and people could no get the tools they needed without paying a fortune for them.
People say no money in it – but look at Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Firefox etc

They are all free and easy to get

Why do VC with lots of money who want to make more money insist developers open source software for free

YOU GUYS WON – tipping point is over – OS is credible etc

But – being able to set direction by making the software means responsibility

  1. Work together
  2. Be creative
  3. Lower the barriers to entry
  4. Make open data a priority
  5. Educate, evangelize and market

Don’t play the same game as the guys you are creating an open source alternative for, be new and creative

You can see his slides here but they are in a minimalist (a la Lessig) style and he has an excellent write up on his own thoughts of the conference here


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