I read about what these guys are doing with RSS and decided I wanted to give it a go as I struggle with my ‘flow’ and having a better defined river may well help with that.

After trying to sign up though I came across two problems which stopped me from doing so, I know they aren’t massively valid problems but they put me off, lesson to be learned, possibly, what I realised is that my perception of what a sign up process should be has changed a lot over the past year or so.

First problem is that I had to click on a button to check if my desired username was available, like I said not major but I’ve got used to the fact that many sites now do it dynamically!

Second problem and the killer for me, they insist that your username MUST have two numbers in it ! now I have a web ‘persona’ and it’s ikisai, I use it for everything, I don’t want to be ikisai99 or some such, plain silly if you ask me as the concept is one that appeals to me on many levels, wonder if they will change that?

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  1. Justin Barone on


    This is Justin the guy who designed and coded Fwicki. I read what you wrote and I just wanted to clarify a few thigs with you.

    1. We are requiring you to add numbers to your username as a way in preventing spam and link farming through the fwicki application. This keeps keywords out of the username part of the url path to their Fwicki page.

    2. The “Check Availability” button was added instead of using type ahead functionallity because my goal as a programmer is to keep things as light weight as possible. If I used a button then there is only one query being made to the database which checks if the name has already been used. If I use a type ahead method then everytime the user enters a character the system would have to query the database. Therefore, as a way of saving database resources and bandwidth I implemented the button over the “dynamic” method, that you were talkig about. Not everyone has a huge datacenter with unlimited bandwidth expecially us. LOL.

    If you have any other questions or comments about the site you can contact me in the foums at http://www.fwicki.net/forum

    Thanks for the review.

    Justin Barone
    CIO / Developer

  2. ikisai on

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I can see exactly where you are coming from and why, I was simply looking at it from a customer point of view, which is something I do all the time for the company I work for.

    You are right in that not all of us have huge datacentres, we certainly do, but I think in this case the overhead is outweighed by the experience.

    I had a quick look at the forums and will post there too in case you don’t get this, I may also reconsider and register and get a better feel for Fwicki as it is something that should help me!


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