Top Mobile Sites

Taken from Mobhappy post at end of August

I was pleasantly surprised to see Orange at Number 4, also to see China Mobile at hte top, is that because they have be better services or just a lot more users?

1.www.chinamobile.com205 576 593 653 684 702 948
8.www.gsmarena.com1399 2444 2864 3156 3299 3730
15.www.bell.ca4187 4770 5141 6319
20.www.allaboutsymbian.com6435 6491 9427 9525
24.www.infosyncworld.com10285 11947 12163
29.www.phonearena.com15325 15631 17706
32.www.vodafone.com18469 20575 21861 22522 22723 24198
38.www.slashphone.com24966 25835 27650 29392
42.www.phoneyworld.com31806 33364
44.www.celularis.com34266 40587 45537 46105 47294 54210 56958 71524 81620 93683
55.www.msmobilenews.com123215 140269
57.www.zyb.com160180 164271
62.www.66mobile.com329587 380286 424921

What would interest me very much is if someone could come up with a ranking for mobile web sites ie sites that are viewed from a mobile phone and not on a desktop. I’m pretty sure that China Mobile would still be number 1 by some considerable margin – China has a lower penetration of PCs and such a huge mobile population that this must be so.

But based on our figures at AdMob, the top 20 would look completely different. In fact, Idon’t think that theUS carriers would even make the Top 50 worldwide sites, though we have far from complete information too.

AdMob came out of stealth mode yestreday, you might have noticed (though I’ve been keeping Mobhappy readers fairly up to speed over the last few months). We went public that we’re the world’s largest mobile network, with over 250 million page impressions available per month. So the stats we do have for the mobile web are probably more accurate than anything in the world.

Here’s a choice snippet for you. We can tell which handsets people are viewing the mobile web with (and serve ads accordingly). 8 out of the 10 most popular handsets to surf the mobile web with are made by one brand. Anyone care to guess which one?

This information is actually pretty powerful if you think like a handset marketer. How would you like to serve ads on your competitor’s phones?

Anyway, well done to Patrick for putting the list together. If anyone has any ideas how to compile a simialr one for the mobile web, I’d love to hear all about it. And stand by for more good news about AdMob.

(Via MobHappy.)

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  1. WirelessFederation on

    The Mobile Data Association might have some figures on sites accessed through the Mobile Phone. Might be worth checking there.

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