Make Money Because of things

This is an older post but related to a theme mentioned my Martin Geddes at the recent Telco2.0 event that struck a chord with me, Orange makes money from calls and not because of them, once revenue from voice drops under pressure from VoIP and SIP then you really need to start making money because of calls…..

The Because Effect: “

Thomas points us to a great idea from Doc Searls: Exploring the Because Effect.

Facebook opens its API. Now there are businesses designed to profit because of that opportunity.

I’m especially interested in exploring what I’ve been calling the because effect.
This is what you get when your new business isn’t just about inventing
and controlling technologies and standards, but about taking advantage
of the new opportunities opened up by fresh new technologies and
standards. For example, making money because of blogging, or RSS, or desktop Linux, or whatever — rather than just with those things.

The because effect is a kind of jujitsu. While other people look to make money with something, you’re finding ways of making money because of something.

(Via Seth’s Blog.)

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