FMC of a different Sort?

Lots and lots of coverage of FMC but the sort of things I want may be different and not even sure if it comes under the heading FMC even?

When I used a Nokia 6680 I really liked the fact that I could set it up so that whenever it came near my laptop all the photos I had taken were sucked off the device automatically and stored on the PC, plus they were deleted off the device (my choice in preferences)

It’s this sort of thing I want to see more of, for example it would be nice if my push email on my mobile knew I was at my PC and therefore didn’t bother to sync, it would need to be more smart than just sensing in range of course and be able to tell I was connected to my mail on my laptop.

I’ve written before about this I thought but can’t find it, I’d also like my various IM clients to ‘know’ when I’ve left the room and switch to ‘Ians left the room’ or similar, even better, when I get a call they should switch to ‘on the phone’ – the main reason being that I rarely remember to set it myself and even using Adium where they are all (except Skype) in one place doesn’t help.

But I got to thinking that this is much more complex, I have a ‘mobile’ as I call it, I have a mobile computer (laptop) and a fixed computer and I’d really like them all to ‘play nice’ together, I use the odd thing that makes that happen (WiFI file sharing, print sharing, bluetooth occasionally) but none of them are aware of each other really. Also some of them move a lot and some don’t, all this could and should be used, a simple example is that when my laptop sees my desktop if knows I am home, same with mobile, if mobile sees laptop and not desktop then I’m traveling somewhere, if my mobile sees neither then I’m out and about without any other form of connectivity.

From that you could derive a whole host of small service ideas based around availability, location and are I say it presense. If you just take one vertical which is IM, similar to push email I don’t want IM on my phone if I’m at home with access to one or more machines, but if the mobile is on its own I’d quite like all IM to route to it (using the new Orange Messenger by Windows Live perhaps?)

Add to the mix VoIP and something like PhoneGnome and you could use the same logic to take calls to your home number on your mobile without having to do anything but leave the house, or have calls come to your softphone on the laptop if you are sat at it, or perhaps you only want soft calls to your desktop, a simple set of logic rules should sort that out and all sorts of call routing could be done to suit connectivity, location and available technology at hand.

I’ve been thinking about how any real leap forward in technology in this space is going to require fundamentally different devices and they will have to be able to act in a more converged way that doesn’t need explicit human intervention, but that’s another post, as is the ability to have AAI (artificially assisted intelligence) in devices that can make more than simple IF-THEN-ELSE type decisions

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