Orange Messenger by Windows Live Roundup

based on my recent post decided to actually do some digging for quotes around the Blogosphere re Orange Messenger by Windows Live and here’s what I found using a combination of MarsEdit, Diigo and good old C&P

Like I said (in a different way) about the Buddy list/contacts being the key..

“The buddy list becomes a platform to enable carriers to generate new revenue,’ said Fogg, who also noted that other options, such as group video-conferencing, might not be too far off.”

(Via NewsFactor Network.)

Some leading views on the business implications….

“We will continue to forge partnerships,” said Mitch Lazar, European head of Yahoo’s Connected Life division.””But Fogg forecast that the migration to IM from SMS “is going to be long and painful” for carriers. Since SMS is popular and relatively cheap to provide, it has become a cash cow for carriers, he said”

(Via International Herald Tribune.)

and some questioning on the ‘firstness’ of the whole thing…

“Orange – now the brand name for all of France Telecom’s services – is not the first to offer a PC-to-mobile and mobile-to-PC IM service. In fact, Vodafone announced that it was working with Microsoft to develop a mobile/PC IM capability last summer. But, as Microsoft points out, that is not the same service as announced with France Telecom. “The Vodafone announcement made in 2005 was about interoperability between Vodafone’s IM client on their devices and MSN Messenger on the desktop,” says Michael O’Hara, general manager of the service provider business for the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “Therefore, Vodafone supports interconnection between IM clients on multiple devices as opposed to a truly converged service – announced today by Orange

(Via Telecommunications Magazine)

We’re a little puzzled by their uniqueness claim, “Orange and Microsoft today announced their first convergent Instant Messaging offering for PCs and mobile.” Given IM clients have been running on mobile phones for a while, how is this the first time?


and even some un-connected complaints….

Orange may very well hope it takes some of the focus away from recent problems with its broadband service. Up to 100,000 UK customers were unable to access the service for more than 24 hours earlier this week. Orange says the service has now been fully restored.

(Via Web User News)

and finally some lingering doubts remain and are quoted in many articles but summed here nicely

Didier Lombard declined to comment on tariffs and whether the fees would be fixed or would be depending on use.The service is “not exclusive with France Telecom even if we’re doing the pioneering work here” in France, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said.

(Via Cellular News)

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