Thoughts on VoIP, Communications and Social Networks

Thoughts on VoIP, Communications and Social Networks: “Social networking is, to me, less about the raw numbers of links I have, and more about the people interested in talking about the different areas. My real social network isn’t LinkedIn, or Friendster or Orkut and the like. It’s my Outlook contacts, by cell phone directory, and my various contacts listed in Skpe, AIM, MSN, SightSpeed, etc. It’s the people I interact with.”

(Via Realtime Community | Unified Communications.)

I saw this snippet this morning and it struck a chord as I’ve been saying for a long time that the Buddy List is the key but this paragraph puts it better, I feel this way too, I actually don’t like spreading out my contacts over lots of vertical services all over the Blogosphere, I want my address book/contacts/buddies whatever you want to call them to be enabled OUT to all these services, this requires a nice Open API of course but that’s been discussed for a very long time round these parts, not seen evidence of it yet though.

Actually it requires more than that but it’s a good start, I had some views on this a while ago all wrapped up in a proposal that was initially well received but ultimately ignored, you can view it here if you’re interested though.

This is why BT Contact is an important move, they get it I think, but then they get what being a non voice revenue dependant personal communications provider is all about on a much wider scale. This project is one example of where their thinking is right, it’s a mistake if Orange lets users move contacts off to something like this IMO, in fact it’s a cardinal sin that the hub of most social networks for many people already exists on their phones and virtually NOTHING is done with it in terms of adding more value for the user, this all links into the ‘digital exhaust’ theme and the ‘because of’ theme that were raised by Martin Geddes at the Telco2.0 event and covered on this blog here


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