BetaNews | Plaxo Expands to Mobile Address Books

In light of recent postings on contacts it was interesting to see this today, I’ve recently used Plaxo a lot to get my various devices in sync but I rely on Exchange over the air delivery from my corporate server to get my mobile device synced but not it looks like many Americans get direct device sync too, it’s all bout the contacts I tell ya…

BetaNews | Plaxo Expands to Mobile Address Books: “”

(Via BetaNews.)


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  1. Nadine on

    I think its a bit unfair with the American users. Verizon is already making money on the GPRS than why they are charging $4.49?
    I would say when there are free services like than why to pay &60 a year.

  2. ikisai on

    Good point Nadine, I wasn’t commenting on the price but on the features, i agree that you shouldn’t have to pay twice but in reality you are paying for access to one person and for the service to another, if they came from the same source then it would be most unfair

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