Stikkit Launches Beta

Over IM with Aaron I found out Stikkit had launched it’s beta, Congratulations!

I have talked about this with Rael and Surj and Aaron a lot and good to finally have a go, some bugs found but hey it’s a beta, too tired to do full justice now and couldn’t even see the feedback link at the top til Aaron pointed it out !

Looking forward to seeing whether this lives up to the promise, the bookmarklet is already getting fixed as doesn’t display properly and I don’t like the way that the RSS feed only shows the title of the Stikkit and not the content (and not just cos i like full feeds for offline use, i think it kind of defeats the object of adding RSS in the first place if that’s all you get)

And despite being called a dork for it I do thing the RSS icon in the site needs to be Orange so it’s easily seen, even if in Firefox it’s right there in the browser bar where I normally use it!

Otherwise it seems like it could do the things I expected after talking to Rael, I did talk to him at Foo about an SMS interface and would like to see that soon but know how hard they are to get right, happy to continue that conversation 🙂

I know i need to use it more before making mind up but early reaction is good and I know how hard the guys behind this have been working on it so want it to be a big success, I still have reservations about how I might use it and whether it will gain enough adoption but time will tell on both of them, and with that it’s time for bed !

More after some proper use


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