iPod sucks

It’s taken a long time for me to really come to this conclusion but there are many things about the iPod that simply suck, the main one for me is the ‘shuffle’ feature, I’m sure there is lots about this on the web already but what I found personally is that when starting a shuffle all songs I would tend to get the same tracks each time it was restarted, this meant that many of the tracks on my 4GB iPod were never played!

After discussion with some friends at dinner in Paris the other night I decided to switch to shuffle albums in options and now am letting each album play through, will see whether the same thing happens with that, the side benefit is I’m starting to listen to albums again as opposed to random single tracks, it’s good !

The battery life is poor compared to what’s out there now, the newer one’s last longer but not enough extra to convince me to upgrade this time.

Lastly is connectivity – as in none (vs Zune which has WiFi but in a limited form it seems) but if they ever add connectivity to an iPod I think I’ll be ready for an upgrade…


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