Living with Stikkit

I’ve been giving Stikkit a bit more time and have come across some issues, however they may be related to the fact I haven’t fully read the manual and therefore am using it as I expect it to work and not how it is intended to work, that said the things that have struck me are listed out below

When I invite someone to share a stikkit and then click on icon that shows up it goes small but nothing else changes, still says invited – what does that mean?

The bookmarklet seems to have a few issues, it asks me to login and then when I do it dissapears and redirects the page I am on the the homepage of the site not the one I was reading, when I do it again it still asks me to login but this time it works, however the text entry box is like 1 line big and therefore has horizontal and vertical scrollbars on it (if I save it the full text then displays) and finally the very nice feedback mechanism for when Stikkit it doing something, like ‘thinking’ overlays on the menu and breaks what is otherwise an excellent UI

For a while last night while trying it out I thought it was not parsing text but it turns out that what I had read in the help was wrong and will get fixed, this is related to the fact that I was trying to use language that made sense to me and I thought it would make sense to it but in fact I was wrong, seems I need to learn some more and keep experimenting

No idea if it was a fix but the RSS feed does now show all text which is cool, in theory I can use it offline now but need to test it out, I wont be able to update stikkits offline but can read what I have and mail in a new one, may get too confusing though

More to come ….

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