Caught this while catching up on RSS on the plane, I’ve mentioned before that the contact list/buddy list whatever is the key and it’s good to see I am not alone in this (which I knew I wasn’t of course!)

It also looks like I’ll have to give this service a go as I’ve previously written about and wanted social browsing, of course I’ll have to build contact list for this too so that it’s worthwhile, why can’t there be one centralised (on a de-centralised infrastructure) contact list that every single application I want to use can make use of rather than all these silos everywhere?

Me.dium: “I believe that the buddylist is the center of the universe, and that I would like to stay aware af what my favorite people — either close contacts or authorities I listen too — are doing, reading, looking at. I really have been enjoying Twitter for that reason: people post their moods, location, activities, whatever, and I maintain a social awareness of those in my circles: equivalent in a way to what I would have if they were working in the same office as me.”

At the top, above the buddylist/chat area, Me.dium displays various users in a sort of radar screen. The pawn associated with each represents a user, and the orange pawn is you (or in this case, me). The name of the page that the user is browsing at that moment is displayed, along with the logo. If you click on one of the icons, you navigate to that page, joining a buddy perhaps, who might be, for example, reading a blog post. You and your buddy could then chat about the topic, while reading it “together”.

(Via /Message.)


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