Telco ‘sales’ cycle

I picked up on a sentence in a comment left by Keven Perkins today that strikes at one of the core problems in developing new services with a Telco, it made me think of my washing machine at home, it has several settings for achieving what is designed to do, namely wash clothes, and each one takes a very different amount of time.

The ‘eco’ setting is the longest, uses less power but trades off time to do this

The ‘normal’ setting is shorter, uses a bit more power but saves some time

The ‘wash’ setting is shortest, uses most power and saves the most amount time

Now compare that with the diferent ways to get a product done:

The Web2.0/getting real way is like ‘wash’, things get done quicker

The classic software development way is like ‘normal’

The Telco way is like ‘eco’ but only in that it takes a lot more time to do the same thing and end up with the same (or often worse) results AND it’s not any more economical, in fact it wastes more resource than any other cycle, to use Kevins quote from someone that has experienced this over and over again:

Just an aside, my company is getting so much off-deck interest now with a free/ad-supported model, that operators are no longer becoming important to us. The long sales cycles, the ridiculous rules, and the constant turn-over has really changed our BD focus moving forward.

There are moves a foot to make our developement more like ‘wash’ but sometimes it takes a while to get someone to agree to change the setting on the machine…..


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  1. Imran on

    Mate. FT doesn’t even have a machine. We have a steering committee that’s considering making a budget request for the cabling that might power such a machine in the future and a legal team ensuring that those cables aren’t available to any other machines.

  2. Phine on

    Wow…to Imran: Mate, that don’t impress me much. No wire is better than any (yes, I said “any”, wire powering such a machine in the future”, powering through the wire is maybe not the only or real issue and legal teams will be certainly be found to defend the related causes because there are several ways to organize the … “machine” and as the song goes “with out without you”..

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