ClaimID at Citizen Summit

This post caught my eye, mainly because it addresses a real problem of mine, I also have logins strewn across the web especially as I try out so many services to see of they are any good (part of my Job after all)

I’ve seen a few demos of OpenID and met with XXX of OpenLID, registered my own URL which I haven’t used since due to lack of support but that didn’t stop me thinking that it was a good idea.

One of my colleagues is active in Liberty Alliance and I asked what the view on OpenID was, effectively it seems to be around authentication in their view, as in OpenID is not as secure so you may trust a login to it but not your credit card details, personally I don’t know enough to dispute this but it seems wrong to me.

There has been a long time project on this internally too but I wont discuss that here (I think I just made a policy to not talk about internal projects for obvious reasons I hope)

What I want is the same as Stowe, I think, I am happy to have a central authority verify my identity to any service I want to use (the infrastructure should be de-centralised) and I want to be able to revoke it when I decide to stop using a service through some central administration function, not too much to ask surely!?

Scott Kveton on ClaimID at Citizen Summit:

“Hearing a short talk on OpenID by Scott Kveton at the Citizen Summit. The core idea of OpenID is the creation of a unique, verified URL through an identity broker — I used — and now I have an individual-controlled digital identity.

I think that this model is the start of a user-centric, distributed digitial reputation and trust network.

I have hundreds of logins across the net, and I would like to consolidate that in a sense, but I want it to be secure and in my control”

(Via /Message.)


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