Dumb Ass Thinking

As someone that has ‘survived’ in this large company for 16+ years now this post really caught my eye!

I did a motivational management type course a long time ago and we were asked why we worked, my answer at the time was

“so I can afford nice holidays for me and my family”

and 10 or so years later things haven’t changed, although my role within the company has changed many times (on average 1 per year) and the company itself has changed dramatically around me, but here I still am!

Dumb Ass Thinking:

“Perhaps the common denominator here are the individuals that are attracted to work and survive long-term in large companies. What drives them? Is is the need to pay the mortgage. Or for security, status or career development? Survival? It’s certainly different than what motivates Steve and what has made Apple successful. And as you explore this ‘fat belly’ the difference becomes glaringly obvious”

“Steve drives the team to create products that are among the most desired. Step a layer or two out from this, fear for job security drives compromised consensus’s, rampant politics and ultimately dumb ass thinking. Thank goodness for the cool products. Otherwise it would be just like working for any other large company.”

(Via The Masked Blogger.)


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