Mobile Marketing Has Finally Arrived

I’ve had a few discussions lately on the subject of Mobile Advertising and how I just don’t like the idea (from a user perspective) a view shared by Ian and centered around the fact that it is too intrusive, the mobile is a very personal device, like a toothbrush, therefore why should it be opened up to Advertising?

However this article confirms some thinking done since and having seen a few articles about this, basically it is a channel that works and therefore it will be exploited used and from what this article says it is already successful and will be even more so over the next year.

I guess there is a large part of me that is tired of online advertising, it doesn’t get in my way too much because I take every measure I can to suppress them, however I really don’t want to do that on my mobile, in fact I wont be able to for a while but expect to see Ad Blockers as some point if this trend continues, after all there is limited real estate on a mobile, I go there to get some specific information and not just to browse, I don’t want to waste a precious line on an ad!!

Mobile Marketing Has Finally Arrived:

Already, mobile phones out-number internet connected PCs and this is true both in the UK and on a global basis. This means that more people can potentially access the web via their mobiles too and because your phone is always with you, you can access it more frequently. This is why the smart money is betting that the mobile web will be as important, if not more important, than the PC web.

So, if all these people are flocking to the web via their phones, the first thing a brand owner needs is a way to communicate with them there too – in other words, a mobile enabled website. Just as we saw a huge build out of websites back in 1996/7, we’re poised to see the same thing happen with the mobile web in the next 18 months, as brands jump on the mobile bandwagon.

“On the near horizon (actually, by the time this article is published), we also have richer media experiences within the advertising format itself, which includes banner advertising and ultimately video. So my final thought for you is that if I’m right and the future of mobile advertising is even half as big as I suggest, you really have to get involved and find out what all the fuss is about.”

(Via MobHappy.)

later in the same RSS session I picked up this post from GigaOM and a couple of interesting quotes, seems there is some difference in opinion on when… I’m going to side with MobHappy on this one though…

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt tells Reuters one day your phone could be free, subsidized by the growth of mobile advertising. That’s a pretty convenient suggestion for the ad giant to make.

Similar models have been suggested many times before; remember Xero Mobile, the MVNO that was probed by the SEC and then weirdly got bought before it even launched — and don’t forget its gaming step-cousin Gizmondo, which literally crashed and burned. Mobile advertising might be on everyone’s minds (and in their readers) this morning, but the question is not will there be a big mobile ad market one day, but how long would it take for the mobile advertising market to grow large enough to support such an environment?

The online ad market took many years to mature into an environment where a good amount of web sites could make decent money. Mobile ads will take just as long. If the mobile ad industry is justifying free phones and a mobile dotcom boom within even three years I would be very surprised. Schmidt didn’t give a time line for mobile ad growth, but that’s what startups and investors really care about. Too early or too late and you miss out. What do you think?


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