Two Numbers on one Mobile, there’s an idea !

I find this fun, Orange has had the ability to have two numbers on one SIM for as long as I can remember and using it to have a work number and a personal one is the main usage, in fact most employees have this, saves having to carry around two handsets for a start.

I think this shows how there can be a tendency to get carried away with this whole Voice2.0 meme, or on the other hand it may just be a USA vs Europe thing, I don’t know if any US carriers do a Line 2 option so it’s fair to assume that Americans wont know that a European operator has been doing it forever… still it made me smile even though it shows that many of the things that people want may be available already, they just don’t know it…

TalkPlus, VoIP 2.0 Startup raises $5.5 million: “What we do love about the service – ability to add a second phone number to your mobile phone. A few European carriers tried to do that with dual SIMs, but to have a work and personal number on the same handset – that alone is a reason to check out TalkPlus.”

(Via GigaOM.)

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  1. Maciek on

    You are not getting it right. In real dual sim you can have numbers from different providers. And in result call and answer calls at lower rates {use intranetwork charges – not interconnect needed).

  2. ikisai on

    I guess I wasn’t thinking of it in that way, simply that it is entirely possible to have two separate lines on one phone, and in Orange’s case one sim.

    There are solutions out there that allow two sims, I looked at one from better123 solutions that required chopping up the two sim cards and putting the chips from both in a special adapter, you don’t even have to reboot the phone to switch llines.

    However I still see that as hassle and not a great customer experience and that’s where I focus, not to say that sacrificing customer experience to save money is wrong of course, each to there own

  3. craig on

    i live in spain and my work mate wants to know if there is a mobile that can house two sims from say vodafone and orange at the same time without turning of your mobile cheers

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