Song Recognition

I’ve read at least two posts about Verizon offering a song recognition service today, the first by Techdirt rightly pointed out that this is nothing new and has been around for a few years, the second, V CAST Names that Tune on MobileCrunch leaves out this fact.

What it reminded me of was working on this several years ago, flying out to the Philips lab in Eindhoven to talk to the engineers behind the algorithm and being seriously impressed with what they were doing there, going to the offices of the then new startup Shazam and watching them build their own systems from component parts but the single best memory from the several moths I worked on it was the night the team went out in London to test the effectiveness of the, at the time, new technology, we went to a pub and got them to put on a CD of tracks we knew were in the small test database I had built, then moved on to a restaurant for dinner (where the reception was terrible so it didn’t work !) and rounding off the night in a nightclub in Soho where I had more women approach me than any other night as they wanted to know what the hell I was doing with my phone in a nightclub and were genuinely interested in how well it worked.

Ah those were the days…..

And in case you were wondering we went with Shazam as a 3rd party service and it’s still going as far as I know but haven’t used it in a while

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