Reverse Scrobble

I recently lost my iTunes library as I forgot to back it up before rebuilding the machine, the library was fine as on a seperate disk.

Now I have lost all the play info, date added etc which is more of a pain than I thought, I wish I could reverse scrobble the info on in my profile to update the iTunes metadata and fix that, perhaps with some poking about I might be abe to, also someone may have done it but a limited Google search fails to find anything useful….

This is another example of web services that aren’t quite what I want but as the boundary between offline/online or local/remote storage of data and metadata blurs this sort of thing will go away, it’s similar to how I would like iPhoto or Picasa to sync with Flickr

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  1. Matt on

    Hey, did you ever find a solution to this?

    Its a project I’m thinking about tackling this summer.

  2. piemonkey on

    I strangely enough found this page in a search for that exact feature, I think I’ve also found a solution, A program called ‘iTunes Store file validator’ has it.
    I’ve yet to try it, because I’m in linux atm, so can’t use iTunes, but I plan to have a look when I can get to a Windows box.
    It doesn’t seem to be the main point of the thing, and it’s in beta, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do the job, and at the very least you could use some of the code.

    If anyone finds/writes something that reverse scrobbles for Amarok2, I’d love to hear about it. (at the moment I’m planning to reverse scrobble to iTunes, then import to amarok…)

  3. Matt on

    iTsfv does support reverse scrobbling. I’ve used it before and it works well.

    I’m looking for a solution to this on OS X.

    I think this thread has what you want:

    • ikisai on

      thanks for the info on this, seems odd to get replies so long after the event as since then I actually went through a complete library overhaul by hand mostly as no tool could do what I wanted !

  4. piemonkey on

    I haven’t seen one for OS X, but as I said, there may be some useful code in there. As for the link you gave, that’s for Amarok 1, which is a completely different player to Amarok 2, they went for a complete re-write, and I don’t know any ruby (or mysql), so it’d be a lot of work for me to update it.

  5. piemonkey on

    Actually, I dunno if this would work,

    It’s a perl script, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t run in OS X.

  6. Matt on


    Unfortunately its a windows specific script because of the the calls it makes to iTunes. However, I should be able to adapt it without too much trouble.


  7. jorge2k on

    any luck with this project? im in the same predicament

  8. Matt on
    • Ian on

      tried the site but no response …

      • pete on

        no, works for me

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