New Plaxo

I logged on today to check a new contact had synced correctly, I use Plaxo because it was the easiest way I could find at the time to sync my Outlook address book with my Mac Address book.

I don’t always trust it, or more specifically the sync tool from inside our VPN to be precise, however it had worked and I was about to close when I saw a little white hippo asking if i wanted to try out the new Alpha version, so being a sucker for all things new and flaky I decided to give it a go.

Picture 1

The new interface is very nice, a couple of little errors on formatting (using Firefox on Mac) but it went flawlessly, new plugins for XP/Outlook and Mac, the XP one seems very much the same, however the Mac one is much better, for a start it supports Growl now so I can see what’s going on with it more easily ( I really like growling things)

I also noticed that I can now sync with Google so decided to try that out, it will be nice to have everything I use in sync, especially a calendar that’s easily accessible from anywhere, now I am spoilt for choice when I need access:

  • Outlook under XP with VPN
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Entourage under OS X
  • Plaxo online
  • Google

So should never have trouble accessing anything, even from any mobile device I happen to have at hand.

I have some friends that hate Plaxo with a passion, however they provide a valuable service for me so will continue to use, I may even pay for Premium soon if the Alpha works out ok (as I write this the Google sync part is having trouble apparently) and continues to improve the interface and underlying sync tools

Good job Plaxo !

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