Google Mobile After all ?

I picked up this post on Vecosys, it’s a growing story I’m sure but it’s Saturday so not going to troll around for it and links from elsewhere

Today I can confirm that Google have done the deal to launch Google Mobile and branded Nokia phones following a conversation with 02. Expect this announcement in a few weeks.

I wrote a paper back in May last year suggesting some moves by Google which appear to be materiaising now if all the stories and rumours are to be believed, one short quote from the front page:

Having ‘conquered’ the Web space Google is now turning its formidable ability to innovate quickly to the mobile space and this is likely to be a significant threat in 2006, arguably more so in the USA but inevitably also across Europe.

I’d like to think I may have got something right for a change but let’s wait and see what happens, oh and it’s taking longer than I thought but when does anything in telco land move fast..

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