More Plaxo Fun

After finishing up my last post I decided to go back to scratch and try again, I was pleased at first but now I’m just madly confused !!!!

here’s what I did:

  • uninstall Outlook toolbar
  • manually delete c:\Program Files\Plaxo folder
  • regedit and delete all references to Plaxo
  • shutdown XP (under parallels)
  • uninstall Mac toolbar
  • restart Mac
  • export all contacts in Address Book
  • remove all contacts in Address book
  • remove all contacts from Gmail
  • remove all calendars from iCal
  • remove all calendars from Google Calendar
  • remove all folders from Plaxo online so it created empty ones
  • checked NO contacts in Address Book, Plaxo online or Gmail
  • checked NO calendar entries in iCal, Plaxo online or Google
  • fired up XP and Outlook
  • cleaned up Contacts removing ALL duplicates

So at this point I’m pretty damn certain I have only ONE copy of my contacts in Outlook (which is in offline mode all this time) so I’ve got a nice clean setup right ?

  • use IE in XP to go to Plaxo Online and install the toolbar
  • sync fails again, after a lot of messing about found i hadn’t deleted sync end points, so did that
  • sync works this time so now Plaxo has all my contacts too 436 of them, same in Outlook and Plaxo – cool
  • use Firefox to go to Plaxo Online and install the toolbar
  • sync works first time even if I asked to set my own calendar mappings which it ignored
  • it asks me about some contacts that are already Plaxo members – fine
  • it then show me a list of contacts to invite, one of which I know I deleted in Outlook BEFORE syncing
  • check address book and there they all are, but wait ! I now have 502 contacts
  • all the duplicate problem contacts are back, I’ve seen them so many times now I KNOW they are the same

Picture 2-1
so the sets of 4 are back even though I DELETED EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM before syncing for the first time, plus the same Plaxo members have multiple contacts again – aaaargh

During this I did find out where the log file is in XP/Outlook – options – privacy

Picture 3-1
but the contents don’t make much sense to me as I can see the 4 entries for Sport but no clue as to where they came from….. I’ve mailed it to tech support to see if they can provide an answer.

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  1. […] In my efforts to resolve the duplicates in my life I gave in to the ’sign up now for Plaxo premium free trial” I’ve been ignoring for a long time as I wanted to see if it would sort out my previous problems […]

  2. DP on


    what made you think it would make your life easier?

    after having plaxo install the birthday of a distant contact from years back in my outlook calendar I have uninstalled plaxo and pledged never to let it anywhere near my contacts book on either platform again

    truth is they just haven’t done the extreme use cases and they have too many variables to manage.

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