Plaxo – De-Duper

I’m quite a fan of conspiracy theories but I’m no Jerry Fletcher

In my efforts to resolve the duplicates in my life I gave in to the ‘sign up now for Plaxo premium free trial” I’ve been ignoring for a long time as I wanted to see if it would sort out my previous problems

No the important bit here, for me at least, is that to my knowledge I spent a great deal of time and effort getting rid of all duplicates myself, which Plaxo then re-introduced for me, consistently. So I signed up and ran the de-duper tool and guess what? All the duplicates have gone now, how amazing is that !!

The next question I’m going to answer is what happens when I cancel my trial, will the evil duplicates re-appear? If they do then I’m going to have to wonder about why they only appear when I’m not paying the premium fee, I really don’t want to believe it’s a con to get premium revenue…….

Oh and I added Google back in to the mix to see if that borked it and it didn’t, however it also hasn’t added ANY contacts back even though it has added everything to my calendar… another oddity

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3 comments so far

  1. DP on

    what made you think it would make your life easier

  2. ikisai on

    er, the fact that it should sync all my data across all the places I want/need it!

  3. DP on

    the fact that you have a need doesn’t mean a peice of kit will fill that need.
    they haven’t done al lthe use cases. not the edge of darkness use cases anyway!

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