Yet another way to get my data

I’ve been playing with the beta of Nokia’s MyMobileSite product and it’s pretty impressive, however I’m not sure I need it yet, however it’s cool so I like it anyway…

The premise is that once you install it a web server is created on your phone, this connects through a website that then allows you to browse the various services it offers, you can find my site here

Picture 3-2
Running it is simple so I decided to check out a few of the features, first off was the Camera, which should allow you to use the N95 as a remote webcam (but wouldn’t be with me?) although you can request a picture so I assume a visitor to my site could ask for one to see where I was, I had trouble getting it to work til I figured out that I needed to close the camera application but leave the shutter open !

Picture 6-1Picture 7-1

The request works using snapshot but you have to use the camera vertically and not horizontally ( I need to go and check whether the N95 is supported I’m starting to think…)

I can view my Calendar

Picture 4-1
The layout is nice enough and it works fine, then there is the access to Gallery, you can create albums, share albums and it means that I don’t have to (in theory) bother uploading to Flickr anymore, I can let people peek right inside my gallery on the phone..

Picture 2-2

You can access your call log too, works pretty much exactly like the phone native version
Picture 5-1
You get the drift, everything works well and gives access to pretty much everything on the phone, of course the web sever has to be running and connected, over wifi that isn’t a problem but 3G might get slow and expensive.

But for all the cleverness of it I can’t see that I can find a use for it and trust me I would like to, my contacts and calendar are all synced up all over the place, pictures go straight to Flickr if I want to share and are copied over to library at home if I don’t (using another excellent product Nokia Media Transfer)

If i want to share something with another person I guess I could let them take a peek remotely but there just seems many other ways to do this already, perhaps I’m just not getting it though. Or it’s a familiar case of a big corporation having lots of cool projects that work in isolation?

I’m going to think of a useful situation for this though…..

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  1. jack on

    I like this thing. I buy it for my nephew and he’s very happy. I see this thing is worth your money.

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