Business Everywhere on Windows 7 – How-To

Need to get Orange Business Everywhere running on a Windows 7 installation ? Well I didn’t absolutely have to but given that I’m liking of Win7 I thought I would give it a try but as it’s not officially supported I wasn’t sure if it would work out, to my surprise it was relatively easy but is not as streamlined as it could be since it needs an extra click or two which I could do without to be honest.

I downloaded the latest version directly from the Business live site here and choose options for your ‘ahem’ Option modem and ran it using the ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’ menu option (right click)

trouble shoot

Then click next to run the check and wait while it determines what’s required

trouble shoot 1

after 30 seconds or so you get some options asking what you would like to do, I hadn’t done anything with this yet so choose ‘The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now’ and hit next

trouble shoot 2

I decided to play safe as wasn’t sure of Vista support (apologies to OBS if it works perfectly in Vista but I had no opportunity to check and didn’t want a failed install, system restore etc) so I choose Windows XP as I know it worked there

trouble shoot 3

Finally you get a dialog confirming the options selected and the chance to run the program to test, I did this and it installed with no errors

trouble shoot 4

After installation I had an icon on the desktop with the security shield, in order to run it I right click and run as administrator et Voila!

trouble shoot 5

I still have a few issues with the look and feel of the software, don’t appear to be able to TAB between fields but as this only affects setup it’s not a big deal and once it’s setup it runs very well indeed, I’m writing this while flying along in the Eurostar and a rock steady connection.

Caveat: This is just how I got it working, there may well be other ways but this is my way and I’m not mucking about with it now that it runs fine 🙂

Feel free to add comments on how to improve if you like of course

footnote : while I wrote the piece above i had a steady connection, once i tried sending though I couldn’t keep a steady connection long enough to complete it!


14 comments so far

  1. Jamie Stapleton on

    I also used the ‘Troubleshoot Compatibility’ option from the right click context menu. I used the ‘Use recommended settings…’ option, once applied the installation worked fine.

  2. chris on

    BE works on vista, but only on the professional version, not the family edition.
    not very practical to hook up from home 😦

  3. Linki sponsorowane on

    In my opinion this resolution dont work on my Windows 7 :/

  4. Wiśniowski on

    DONT WORK ! 😦

  5. Seshu Josyula on

    I’ve successfully installed my device drivers using the Windows 7 compatible drivers that are availabe on Orange Website. Unless you are trying to install XP/Vista X86/64 supported drives, there is no point in trying the “Troubleshoot Compatiblity” of the setup.

  6. Finansjer on

    On 64bit Windows 7 this resolution dont work….

  7. Kitchen Rugs · on

    sometimes windows7 won’t install if you install it on a pc with a previous installation of windows XP ~

  8. woenmag on

    This is an outstanding blog! I am so impressed! I can help you to promote it, just let me know if you want it.

  9. GH on

    Thanks for this tutorial!

    Just downloaded the software from Orange and got the same issues.

    We now are in April 2011 and this is still not fixed by Orange!?

    Anyways, thanks again!


  10. Business everywhere on

    […] Business Everywhere on Windows 7 – How-To В« Tech Evolution In A … Mar 4, 2009 … Need to get Orange Business Everywhere running on a Windows 7 installation ? … […]

  11. Clayton Clay on

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  12. Dave Glastonbury on

    I’ve just got a new laptop running Windows 7, my previous ran XP, and can’t get on line. Tried to download upgrade software for Windows 7, but apparently the processor on my old laptop isn’t up to it. Any suggestions? Ta.

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