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I recently suffered another disk failure in my Macbook, was happily working away, spinning ball for a few minutes, tried force quit, nothing, tried any keys, nothing, took power out, waited, plugged back in, waited, waited, waited, then the dreaded “?” or QMOD – a few choice phrases went through my mind and then one very load one came out of my mouth, then i realised my office widow was open so had to look outside to make sure no-one in the street was offended.

I took the disk out, tried again, checked it in an external caddy where i could here it making odd clicking sounds, definitely dead, the odd thing was that my Macbook has been sat on my desk for nearly a year, it just doesn’t move anymore!

I immediately checked with Seagate and it was still under warranty so packed it up in the packaging my last exchanged drive was sent in and off it went.

like i said in the beginning this was ‘another’ disc failure, last time i lost pretty much everything and since then backup up religiously using Time Machine, first to my NAS and then switched to a local external hard drive, so this time I should be fine right? – WRONG, in what can only be SODS LAW i ‘borrowed’ the external drive for something else the day before – the day before – and so had no backup, a seriously bad move, I still haven’t fully appreciated how much I’ve lost again, certainly all the mail for 2009 so far, god knows what else !

What I do know is that Mozy has saved my life in terms of those small but very valuable files, one issue is that they are backed up from Mac so when I restore them I get offered a DMG file which is no good on my Windows 7 machine

mozy download

When i get it back the external drive is going back in and NEVER getting borrowed again ….


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  1. cherokeebydesign on

    I had a SeaGate external harddrive….it crashed and I lost about 4000 photos of which 1100 could not be replaced….about 200 poems that may or may not be replaced, not to mention all the personal addresses and Business contacts that are gone forever.


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