Google Voice + Gizmo5 = Free Inbound & Outbound Calls

I’ve been reading a few posts about this amazing feat recently, plus also keeping an eye on Google Voice since it came out as GrandCentral, I work for a Telco and have done almost my entire professional life, I don’t always agree with what they do or what they provide, but then show me someone that does!

I follow with fascination the ways and lengths to which people will go to avoid paying for the service of being able to communicate with someone else who is not within earshot.

Myabe one day bit for now I still have to find a mobile with large enough keys for my parents that just works, Google Voice or Windows Live on the PC is as far as it goes too, snowballs and hell come to mind when thinking of this sort of setup, even my notoriously ‘Scottish’ Dad would rather pay a few € cents than go through this setup.

Anyhow, each to their own, I guess when these services force the cost of communication to free someone will pickup the running and upkeep of the infrastructure to carry all this free traffic

Google Voice just added SIP connectivity through Gizmo5 which basically enables FREE inbound and outbound calling! With the Gizmo5-to-Google Voice connectivity not only can you can connect any SIP device (softphone, IP phone), but you can even use regular telephones for free calls in the entire United States. Google Voice already offers DID numbers in nearly every area code, which means businesses, especially SMBs can take advantage of this without resorting to some obscure out-of-state area code.
As you already know, Google Voice already gives you FREE outbound calling in the U.S., but the missing piece of the puzzle is free INBOUND calling. Well, Gizmo5’s beta service called Gizmo Voice is the final piece to the puzzle. Gizmo Voice lets you take full advantage of the messaging and calling services of Google Voice combined with Gizmo5’s support for any SIP device. Thus, in addition to the free inbound and outbound calling, you also can take advantage of Google Voice’s free voicemail and free voicemail transcription.
With Google Voice + Gizmo Voice you can make and receive U.S. calls without any monthly or per minute fees. This is a game changer! SIP termination providers surely aren’t going to be happy about this deal. How can they compete with free?

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Google Voice + Gizmo5 = Free Inbound & Outbound Calls
Mon, 27 Jul 2009 17:33:43 GMT


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