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Corporate email – the joy

So we are all moving from whatever address we had to a new format for the new converged single company (sic) and I'm fairly certain (as in have at leat one specific piece of evidence) that mails are going to my assumed new address and therefore not arriving becuase I don't have access to it yet since it seems Orange UK may be one of the last domains to go across as everyone else I know has been moved.

Not a big deal as it helps keep my inbox clean but annoying nonetheless, however as of this morning I can't send to new address as I get a message failure back and the reason?

Connected to X.X.X.X but my name was rejected (1). 

Remote host said: 554 Connection refused by listing in RBL server

Now I get less mail and can send less mail – lovely – but it's ok as I still have my 100MB limit in place so no problem about busting it any time soon 😉 


Testing Opinity